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Would you like to deepen your knowledge about Yoga?

Join one of our Workshops to learn more about Yoga Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle. 

Upcoming Workshops

How can you be more present, more in the body and less in the mind?

Sunday March 10th 8:00-10:00

Foundations of Hatha Yoga: MINDFULNESS

You will get first hand experience through practice and understand why mindfulness is one of the foundational principles in Hatha Yoga.

After the workshop you will have practical tools to be more mindfull in your yoga practice and daily life!

Woul you like to learn how to conscioulsy calm your nervous system?

Saturday May 4th 9:00-11:00

Foundations of Hatha Yoga: RELAXATION

You will get first hand experience through practice and understand why relaxation is one of the foundational principles in Hatha Yoga.

 After the workshop you will go home very relaxed and know how bring more tranquility into your life.  

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About the Workshops

Over the years I have noticed that when students have the theoretic and phylosophical knowledge availble to them, they are more motivated to practice. Yoga is largely a practical science, however it also has a rich and extremely far reaching library of knowledge that supports this practice of understanding our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

During workshops we will explore both theoretic and/or phylosophical knowledge in combination with practice. 
To me, the knowledge can only be applied when it comes alive in practice and in life. 
During the workshops we will look at how to make this possible. 

claire-marie landre
Claire-Marie Landre

Certified Yoga Teacher
Over 15 years of teaching experience.
Read more about Claire here

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom are the workshops?

Are you curious about Yoga and meditation? Or would you like to know more about what’s behind what you arleady practice? Then the workshops are for you!

You would like to deepen your knowledge and embark on a more in depth path of Self exploration.

The workshops are the perfect complement to your regular Yoga classes.

There are no prerequisites.

Are the workshops open to all levels?

All you need to attend a workshop is a humble and receptive attitude. 
It does not matter which level you think you have. There is always something to learn. 

What is the schedule for the course?

There will be one workshop approximately every six weeks. 
You can attend the workshop as a one time event.
But you can also take what you have learned and come and practice in the Group Classes, where the Self Practice method is applied. 

Exact dates will be announced on the Schedule page.

Where do the workshops take place?

Workshop locations may vary. 
Exact information will be on the page where you can sign up. 
Most workshops take place in Amsterdam West area. 

How many people can attend your workshops?

I work well with small groups. 
I can connect better with each person and give more individual attention. 
I think Yoga should be taught taking each individual into consideration, and as a teacher I do not have this capacity in groups larger than 12 people.

Do I need any additional materials to do this course?

That depends on your curiosity. 
I will recommend a variety of books, but it is not required to do the course. 

For the practical side of the course you will need a yogamat, and any additional props you need to sit comforably. 

Of course a pen and a notebook will come in handy! 

Are the workshops theoretical or practical?

During the workshops I will spend time on theory. 
However, without the application in practice theory stays a mental concept. And in Yoga practice we are trying to calm the mental waves so we need to understand the knowledge in a practical way so that it becomes part of our being. We are developing wisdom and intuition which come from a non-mental/intellectual place. 

Is it possible to do the workshop online?

If you would like to follow my workshop online, please reach out. We can discuss if this is possible.
However, presential classes are highly recommended as the interaction that takes place in the room cannot be experienced in the same way online.

How do I register for the workshops?

How wonderful that you are interested!

You can register here.

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