Find the Yoga Journey that Suits You

8Petals Yoga offers various routes along wich you can follow your Yoga journey.
Below you can read more about the different routes to explore and deepen your Yoga Practice.

8Petals Yoga Journeys

Private Yoga Classes

Are you new to Yoga, or looking fore more specialized guidance due to any other personal situation that needs special attention?
These are unique journeys that need a personalized approach.

8PetalsYoga is there to offer guidance as you begin your yoga journey and specialized in adapting the practice to your personal situation. 

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Group Yoga Classes

Would you like to develop a personal Yoga practice?

Join a group of maximum 10 practitioners, where teachings are offered to each student individually.

Classes are arranged into ‘Self-Practice-Cycles’ of 6 weeks. Each cycle starts with an optional Workshop.

The space is open to all levels. In a small group setting there is space for individual attention to explain everything from the beginning, or explore more advanced options knowing that you will feel guided by the teacher as well as the supportive group energy.

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This is a great way to meet the teacher and community. All are welcome!
It is also ideal if you want to deepen your knowledge about Yoga!

During workshops we will explore both theoretic and/or phylosophical aspects of Yoga with the focus on practice.
8PetalsYoga students can attend the workshop at a discount, as part of the Self Practice Cylce. 

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Sat Karma. Yogic Cleansing & Ayurvedic Cooking Mini Retreat – 28-30 June

During this mini retreat you will learn valuable yogic cleansing techniques for longevity and delicious ayurvedic recipies!

And if that is not enough, we will stay in a beautiful house in the Dutch countryside with like minded souls.

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Lets meet!

During this 20-30 minute Zoom call we have a moment to meet and discuss any questions or doubts that you have.
No strings attached! And no cost either 😉

Love YogA?

8Petals Yoga Shala welcomes you!

Individualized Yoga Instruction

Self practice in a group setting; all levels welcome; learn at your own pace and inspire each other. 

Develop a Personal Practice

With time & space for self-exploration you develop a sustainable, personal practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.  

Experienced & Certified Teacher

Resident and guest teachers with more than 15 years experience in teaching. Instrution can be given in English, Spanish, Dutch and French. 

Central Location

Located in de Baarsjes area,  Amsterdam West 

Small Group

Alot of individual attention & guidance from the teacher. Max 10 students per class. 


Different people from different places with the same path. 

Beyond Asana

We also teach seated practices such as meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga nidra.