Classes for body, mind and soul

Are you looking for Yoga classes beyond physical excercise?

Read further if you are interested in building a sustainable yoga practice that honours your individuality, creativity and independance!

Private In Depth Sessions

Yoga classes are richly available these days. However you might miss more in depth individual guidance or you have curiosity about something that is not covered in group classes. 

Private classes are ideal to dive into your individual situation and deepen and explore the practice according to your level of experience and curiosity!

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Group Yoga Classes

Join a group of maximum 12 practitioners to explore this wonderful yoga science where we let movement, breath and sound carry us through our inner landscapes.

My methodology is based on the principle of Self Practice. This means that you do your yoga practice individually, in a group setting. The teachings are offered to each student individually.

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During workshops we will explore more in depth theoretic and/or phylosophical knowledge in combination with practice. 
To me, the knowledge can only be applied when it comes alive in practice and in life. 
During the workshops we will look at how to make this possible. 

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Holistic and Yogic Living Guide

On my blog I share about a wide array of topics related to holistic and yogic lifestyle.
You will find articles on yoga practice and philosophy, herbalism, nutrition and more.

Lets meet!

During this 20-30 minute Zoom call we have a moment to meet and discuss any questions or doubts that you have.
No strings attached! And no cost either 😉