Wholesome Nutrition

Private Cooking Classes

I offer vegetarian cooking classes & workshops. They are mainly based on ayurvedic nutrition principles and whole food plantbased recipies. But as I mentioned earlier, I do not hold onto any dogma or extremes. Healthy nutrition choices are made through intelligent and clear discrimination, and this can only be done through self-knowledge. The focus of these classes is on practice. Getting into the kitchen and touching, seeing, smelling and tasting your food.  I would like to inspire my students to explore more from the senses and intuition and not have such mental and theoretical approach to cooking (and life ;-)).

The classes are done in the comfort of your own home. That way you learn to use what you have at hand and  the creative energy can start flowing in your own kitchen. The classes can be individual or for a  small group.
We can discuss your needs with regards to time/availability and what you want to learn in order to come up with a suitable format of classes or a workshop. 

Class/Workshop ideas:
Ayurvedic Nutrition Basics, Transitioning to Vegetarianism, Veg Sushi, Non-Dairy Versions of Common Dishes, Wholesome Unrefined Sweets, Wholesome Breakfasts, Dairy Replacement Basics, How to use Herbs and Spices, Basic Ayurvedic Recipies, Chutneys and Dips…

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