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Yogic Approach to Balancing Body & Mind

Yogic way of living leads us to a new view of life, from physical and psychological well-being to unleashing our highest creativity and deepest awareness.
Yogic counseling is a practical and caring approach to guiding and inspiring you to study and apply the special teachings and practices in your daily life.

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“True freedom can only be found in Self-Awareness.
It is not the freedom to do but the freedom to be.”

~ Vasant Lad

Things you might be wondering about…

What is Yogic Counseling?

Yogic Counseling is life guidance based upon Yogic, or Vedic traditions of Self-knowledge and cosmology. Techniques, practices and knowledge from different Vedic sciences such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta are the foundation in the guidance to higher living and deeper awareness.

What is the difference between Yogic Counseling and a Private Yoga Class?

Private Yoga Classes are more applicable if you are interested in starting a Yoga practice, or as a preparation to joint the Group Yoga Classes. 
Yogic Counseling is applicable if you are interested in a deeper, personal guidance towards a Yogic lifestyle and more spiritual awareness. 

For whom is Yogic Counseling?

Yogic counseling is for anyone who wishes to develop a yogic lifestyle or deeper understanding of self.

Counseling is more appropriate for people with common life problems, not for (extreme) cases that may require medical/clinical intervention.

Counseling works best at the level of rapport and not transference, meaning that the counselor and client share a common humanity, rather than the counselor being considered the problem solver.

What are the approach and techniques used in Yogic Counseling?

Depending on the nature of the individual, its needs and what is possible at any given moment in time, I fish from an ocean Vedic knowledge. 

This can be physical yoga excercises, breathing excercises, concentration techniques, mantra, diet recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, small rituals or even recommended literature. 

As a Yogic Counselor I share applied knowledge and life experience with regards to Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedante, Herbalism and more. I am however also a humble student of life, and there is always a mutual learning journey.  

How does Yogic Counseling differ from other forms of counseling?

Yogic counseling approaches life and its activities from a holistic, yogic perspective meaning an integral view of human being from physical body to pure consciousness, from individual existance to universal existance. 
Tools and guidance are based on branches of Vedic and yogic knowledge that provide an unparalleled set of resources for right living. 

What are the costs?

Prices range from €50-€85 per hour depending on the location and amount of sessions booked. 
Sessions can be booked from a minimum package of four. 
If you are not sure about it, we can always meet for a free consultation and discuss any questions and/or doubts that you might have. 

How often are sessions typically scheduled, and what is the duration?

Depending on the individual weekly/biweekly/monthly sessions can be booked. 
Sessions are a minimum of one hour and if desired can be booked longer. 

What is your policy for canceling or rescheduling sessions?

I am open to rescheduling as long as it is within my possibilities. However, sometimes this means that it might be a few weeks later than the initial booking. 
In case a session is cancelled up to 48 hours in advance, rescheduling is possible. In case of cancellation less than 48 hours in advance, the session will be considered as no-show and cannot be re-scheduled. 
Once a package has been booked and scheduled, a refund due to cancellation is not possible. 

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