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The Lost Teachings of Yoga


Through a lovely friend of mine I found this article, written by Georg Feuerstein. It is a very interesting article giving us a small history of how yoga arrived to the West and an overview of the main Yogis who brought this amazing science to us.

I am a big fan of Georg Feuerstein as he has studied Yoga philosophy super in depth and has written very good books on the subject.

If you are curious about the history of Yoga and the deeper aspects of it, I recommend you read this article. We seem to get so indulged in our physical practices that we forget to spend time on the other aspects of Yoga, which when we start practicing them, we realize that they are much more important and profound.


I also recommend buying a copy of the Sutras of Patanjali. If you are interested in deepening your Yoga practice and wanting to understand the philosophy and theory behind it, go back to the originial texts. This is where the Yamas, Niyamas and other branches of Yoga originate. This is were you can learn about the different techniques of controlling the fluctuations of the mind (which is why we practice Yoga right?? 😉 This is where you will start realizing that Yoga is soooo much more than postures and breathing. The only Asana in the Yoga Sutras is seated posture for meditation 🙂

Yoga is a science and it takes us far beyond our physical capabilities. Start searching, investigating and practicing. If it is your path you will go places you never imagined 🙂



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