To love a woman

I absolutely love these kind of texts! So I share this one I read recently and was inspired. One who, whether mystical or not, wild or not, contains all of the multitudes of the Universe. Whether her hair is a lion’s mane and she speaks freely, Or she is quiet and calm and poised but … Continue reading To love a woman


Wise words from María Quiñelén

I found these words on the internet, said by a well known Mapuche Medicine Woman. I think it is beautiful and would like to translate it to English. "Las mujeres son las que educan a los hombres, a sus hijos, a sus nietos. La mujer es la primera escuela, ya que la primera educación que … Continue reading Wise words from María Quiñelén

Start Healing Womb Memories

I am not an expert on this area, but hey, I am a woman. Due to past experiences, that I now apreciate and acknowledge, I started exploring my feminine side and femininity more deeply a few years ago. I am still learning and exploring this every day and I love it. Starting this exploration helped … Continue reading Start Healing Womb Memories