8Petals Yoga Newsletter Spring-Summer 2023

Dear yogis,

With this email I would like to share the news for the rest of this lovely Spring season and the upcoming Summer months.
Spring was holding back a bit, but our beautiful Amsterdam is getting greener by the day and the flowers are blooming so graciously along the walls of the houses. Spring herbs are full on and my meals are full of nettle, wild garlic and other lovely Spring gifts from Nature. 

Are you aware how the energies that are at work in Nature also have its effects on you?
End of cycle meditation and dinner 
For the upcoming cycle it would be nice to get together for dinner.
We can start with short meditation and then sit down to share some yummy food.
I suggest Friday evening June 30t or July 7th.
We can discuss in the Whatsapp group chat which day will be better for everyone. 
Self Practice Cycle June-July 
New SPC will start on May 31st and finish on July 7th.
Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 Meneer de Wit
NEW: Fridays 7:00-9:00 @ Meneer de Wit
Sundays 8:00-10:00 @ Meneer de Wit
1x/week Wednesday :  €105 (6 classes)
1x/week Wednesday + Sunday workshop: €135 
1x/week Sunday : €65 (2 classes + 1 workshop)
2x/week Wednesday & Friday: €180 (12 classes)
2x/week Wednesday & Friday + Sunday workshop: €210
2x/week Wednesday & Sunday: €150 (8 classes + 1 workshop)
2x/week Friday & Sunday: €150 (8 classes + 1 workshop)
Unlimited: €205 (14 classes + 1 workshop)  
Sign up HERE
1. There will be 6 Wednesday classes, 6 Friday classes and 3 Sunday classes during this cycle. 
2.The classes on a specific day will only take place with minimum of 3 sign ups. 
In case of less than 3 sign ups, the day becomes available for semi-private or private classes to be registered and paid at least 2 days in advance. 
3. Fridays are only available a 2nd time per week, or as part of unlimited classes. 
4. It is possible to catch up on any other day than the day(s) for which you sign up. 
My goal is to combine each Self Practice Cycle with a special workshop. That way you have a possibility to use the new cycle period to explore and integrate what you have learned into your practice and/or daily life.  
The first Sunday of the cycle will be dedicated to a workshop. I have some ideas in mind, but I am also curious if there is anything that you would like to learn more about. 
Please send me your ideas/requests before May 19th. Then I will choose a topic.   
Sign up HERE with discount in combination with a Self Practice Cycle 
Please feel free to welcome your friends and family to join the workshop! 
You can forward them this link with info and sign up. 
Summer Classes
This summer classes will move outside again! 
The summer cycle will start July 26th and finish August 25th. 
I will offer Guided Hatha Yoga classes every Wednesday and Friday starting at 7:00 at our usual spot in Westerpark.
This summer’s focus will be on Pawanmuktasana.  Each class will start with 30 minutes of seated practice as usual. 
These classes will be donation based.
Private Classes
I currently have a waitinglist for Private Classes. However spaces will open up within a couple of weeks.  
This is a wonderful opportunity to work one on one with me and delve into your personal situation. 
Read more about my Private Yoga Classes HERE
Please feel free to recommend a Private Class Package to your friends and family. 
Schedule rest of 2023
The rest of the schedule for 2023 has been updated. 
Please have a look at the planned cycles and on which days the workshops will take place, so you do not have to miss it! 
Go to schedule HERE. 

I don’t write nearly enough to get everything I have in my head on paper, but I try. 😆
Keep an eye on the BLOG and feel free to share your thoughts with me so that we can share in discussion around different themes on Yoga. 

I hope you have a wonderful week and see you at the Shala. 

Hari OM


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