Samkalpa – March ’22

During every cycle we look at our Samkalpa.
Samkalpa means intention, resolve or commitment. In Samkalpa there is no implication of force or effort. It is not coming from the ego, but from your uncoloured and uninfluenced inteligence that is connected to Universal Inteligence. Therefore, your Samkalpa wil always come from a place of Truth. It is something you know, deep down (or up?) that you need to do. It is not something that you (your ego) want.
Keep this in mind when you formulate your Samkalpa. Go to your inner environment. Find a moment of silence. Then come back and formulate it.

blog looking from the heart

During my holiday I read the book Le Petit Prince. 

My yoga teacher recommended to re-read it as it contains some very beautiful and simple yogic knowledge. 

She was right. As I read through the little, but powerfull book, there was one sentence that stuck with me. And I decided to make it this cycle’s Samkalpa. 


‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. 
What is essential is invisible to the eye.”


These short but strong sentences can be related to many levels of daily life. But as to keep it practical and related to our practice there are a few things that come to mind. 


Within the yoga ‘culture’ there are alot of ‘things’ that we need to complete our ‘spiritual’ lifestyles.

Think of that ecological rubber yoga mat, that beautifull jade green mala, that sculpting yoga legging, that premium grade raw cacao, that 100% natural sunscreen, that single origin hand roasted coffee, that bamboo block, that bio cotton strap etc etc.
Of course there is nothing wrong with any of these 😅
But the question is whether these things define you?


Let’s take it to a next level. 
You are so flexible. You can sit in lotus for 30 minutes! You can bind in Maricy asana D. You can stand up form back bend. You can put your leg behind your head. You do your yoga practice every day. You repeat your mala (almost) every day 😉 You can do second series. You can do third series! You are vegetarian. You are vegan! 

Again, there is nothing wrong here. 

But, the question is, do these things define who you are? 


Now let’s think of what is invisible to the eye. 

My personal experience of movement and breath. What I think when I look at the person in front of me. What I think when I look at myself in the mirror. My relationship to God/Nature. My inner environment. My thoughts. The way my body feels when I move or sit still. The emotions or thoughts that come up when I stand up form back bend. The fear I have before going into handstand. The sadness in my heart. The 5 subtle elements within me. My energy body. 


Of course I can go on like this, but I think you have an idea as to where I am going with this. 


My invitation to you during this cycle is to look with your heart to those things that really matter in your yoga practice and life.