Private Yoga Classes

Are you in need of individualized guidance in your Yoga practice? 

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Take your unique journey

Are you new to Yoga, or looking for a more specialized guidance due to any personal situation that needs special attention?
These are unique journeys that need a personalized approach.

8PetalsYoga is there to offer guidance as you begin your yoga journey and specialized in adapting the practice to your personal situation. 

“The object is not to reach any particular stage; it is to find the right attitude of mind in whichever stage one may happen to be. “

~ Alan Watts

Yoga that caters to your unique situation

Yoga classes are richly available these days. However you miss individual guidance and wonder whether you are doing your yoga correctly.
You follow generic group classes that do not cater your personal situation.

You are asking yourself:

  • How do I start with yoga?
  • Is my alignment of asana correct?
  • Does this particular way of doing postures correspond to my situation (body type or injury)?
  • Am I breathing correctly?
  • What is the meaning of these songs we sing?
  • I would like to start meditating but I don’t know how…
  • I would like to develop a personal practice, but where do I start?
  •  How can I bring Spirituality in to my Yoga practice?
  • How can I go deeper than a generic studio class?

Meet the teacher

Claire is a certified teacher with over 20 years of personal practice and more than 15 years teaching experience. 

founder 8Petals Yoga

Private Yoga Student Testimonial

In a nutshell, Claire is ‘the’ yoga teacher you would want to have if you have decided to explore yoga or to deepen your yoga practice…

I’ve searched the best Ashtanga teacher in Amsterdam and I found Claire. I’ve been to eight Ashtanga lessons with her. She taught me about yoga in general. She taught me the series, showing and explaining the poses, and movements, and then she let me do it, correcting very gently when necessary. I was wondering why the practice felt so good, bodily but also emotionally and spiritually. She explained me the ideas behind the series of the movements, which helped me deepen my practice.

She also made suggestions for adapting the movements which did not fit me, it could be because of a temporary back pain or a long-term injury… The practice was still challenging – that’s how I learned and developed – but never painful or uncomfortable…

Doing Ashtanga with Claire gave me physical work out and psychological relaxation, what I was looking for. But Claire also opened a spiritual door for me. When I saw how much thankfulness and respect she had for her own yoga teachers; I understood that yoga could also be the door to the meaning, to the essentials of my spiritualty.

If anyone would have asked me for a yoga or an Ashtanga teacher, I would advise Claire. They can then learn an essential practice with a very knowledgeable, very kind teacher who made yoga an essential part of her life and who sees teaching as part of her deep connection with yoga… 


Things you might be wondering about

For whom are the Private Classes?

Private Classes are ideal if you would like to develop a personal (home) practice.
Private Classes are especially suitable if you need more specific guidance due to
injuryhealth issues or any other personal situation that needs special attention.

With the practical advice you get from a Private Class you can integrate what you have learned into your personal yoga practice or the classes you follow regardless of the yoga style. 

How many Private Classes do I need?

I offer a package of 4/8/12 Private Classes and we agree to meet on on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis.
During each Private Class we work together and you ‘take home’ the lesson to continue with your Self Practice. 

Private Classes are based on the commitment and trust that the student maintains a Home Practice. Only then is it possible to progress and learn something different during each class. 
Not everyone has a comfortable home practice space. Therefore Private Class students can join the weekly Group Classes for free.  

What can I learn during a Private Class?

During private sessions we can delve into your individual needs. 

One or multiple sessions could involve one or any of the following:

  • How to modify your yoga practice to your current life situation

  • Postural alignment and technique

  • Breathing techniques/excercises

  • Concentration and Meditation techniques/excercises

  • Lifestyle and/or nutritional advice for your body and mind constitution.

Where do the Private Classes take place?

Depending on the situation, we can agree to meet at the Yoga Shala, my home studio, the comfort of your own home, or online. 

The prices vary depending on the location of the Private Class. 

I am new to Yoga, which route do you recommend?

I highly recommend to start with a package of Private Classes. 
During these classes we look at your individual situation and come up with a Practice Plan. 
You are welcome to join the Group Classes for free in combination with your Private Class Package. 

What is a Practice Plan?

This is your personal plan and guide for your yoga practice. For example, your Practice Plan can consist of a Yogasana sequence of physical postures, a sequence of breathing excercises and a mantra. 
Each Practice Plan is adapted to the student individually. 
During each Private Class we revise and adapt your plan if necessary. 

Do you give advice on nutrition or lifestyle?

I look at the student as a whole and I might ask about year eating habits, your sleeping pattern, your work and your home situation. 
Your Practice Plan will be constructed taking your whole situation into account. 
I also gladly share my knowledge of Vegetarian nutrition and Ayurveda. 

How do I book a Private Class Package?

Contact me.
I like to schedule a short Zoom meeting, or meet for a coffee for us to meet and see if there is a click.
This is for free of course and without any expected commitments.

Private Yoga Class


Depending on the location and Class Package the price of the Private Yoga Class will vary.

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