Welcome to 8Petals.
This is my personal webpage where I share things that inspire me on my journey.

Most of the time I am a student, dedicated to practicing and experimenting with yoga, but I love sharing this gift from the gods and teach a few classes or privates here and there.  Check out my schedule here.

On my blog I have a personal project/experiment going on that has to do with expression. I have been a vigorous journal writer since a very young age, but writing for ‘an audience’ kind of scares me. So this is my challenge. Thank you to the ones that have inspired and lovingly pushed me to do this.

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Carrot & Apple Breakfast Porridge

The spring here in the Netherlands just does not want to show itsself yet….so on this cloudy cold ‘spring’ day, I felt like a warm, soothing but light breakfast. Inspired by a recipe I learned from my Ayurveda teacher, I would like to share this one with you. Try it and let me know what …

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Wise words from María Quiñelén

I found these words on the internet, said by a well known Mapuche Medicine Woman. I think it is beautiful and would like to translate it to English. “Las mujeres son las que educan a los hombres, a sus hijos, a sus nietos. La mujer es la primera escuela, ya que la primera educación que …

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Porridge and Nostalgia

If you grew up the same way I did, you have a thing for porridges and cereals. When I was a child I could not be happier sitting at the breakfast table with my collection of cereal boxes to choose from. It was always an extra special morning when my mum would make a warm …

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Not so South African Melktert

I’m about to start my half yearly cleanse in March. I went to the organic supermarket to stock up on some things I need, and I caught a glimplse of a full cream organic cow’s milk for half price. I usually don’t bake with dairy, but I got this vision of one of my childhood …

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Abundance Pancakes

Today I had a whole day off for the first time in many weeks. The big question was what would I do a whole day by myself? I love being with friends and family, but I also very much cherish alone time. So my main events of the day was my weekly oilbath, or ayurvedic …

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Hanging out with an introvert 🙂

I found this article, and I’m sharing it because it actually makes quite some sense to me. Some tips are funny, some are really true, and some less! It’s fun to read and draw your own conclusions. And maybe share it with some extrovert friends 😉 1. If you want to get to know us …

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Be yourself, totally

Im not much of an activist and I don’t usually go onto the streets to protest or anything like that. But I respect the people who do that, because I think they are strong and courageous for wanting to express something or call for change. However I think true change comes from an individual place, …

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Male-Female Complement and Unity

The following words resonate so much with me. I feel very strongly that all women should be exactly as this text describes. Strong, fierce, independant, self assured…but also be given space and freedom to be soft, vulnerable & caring. I think it comes down to both Men and Women being able to be completely true …

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Please read this whenever in doubt about yourself and from where you are doing what you do.  It’s written by Sophie Gregoire, a woman I have never met, but often read her writings and sync with many things she shares. This is for the Rebelles and those who never could truly fit in what the system expects …

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Old Soul Identification

I’ve been told by people that I’m an old soul, and it seemed to make sense. Reading this paragraph on old souls puts it into words so well. So I decided to share it. Maybe you can relate too, or suddenly you can understand someone close to you. An old soul is essentially someone who …

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