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Not so South African Melktert


I’m about to start my half yearly cleanse in March. I went to the organic supermarket to stock up on some things I need, and I caught a glimplse of a full cream organic cow’s milk for half price. I usually don’t bake with dairy, but I got this vision of one of my childhood favourite pies and I couldn’t stop. On top of that, I dindn’t want them to throw away the milk either!

I figured since I’m going to do my cleanse soon, I might as well also treat myself to something special beforehand. And yes, this is special in many ways 🙂 It’s homemade, nostalgic, healthy, extremely delicous and nutritous. What more can you ask for?

As you know, I’m not much of a recipe follower so I started baking and it turned into a slightly different version of the one my mum used to make. I made the base chocolate flavoured, and I used raisins instead of sugar. And of course, all the ingredients are wholesome and healthy instead of the ‘normal’ white/processed versions. 🙂

So here we go! I’m happy to share this with you and hope you try it at home!

FIY: I have made a vegan version of this many times, it works perfectly with coconut oil and vegan milk (I prefer coconut). fullsizerender

1 1/2cup oats
3/4 cup wallnuts
1tbsp maca
1 1/2tbsp arrowroot
1tsp bakingpowder
2 tbspcacao
1/2tsp cinamon
pinch ginger

3 tbsp ghee
3 hands full raisins
2 tbsp line seeds
3/4 cup warm water

3 cups milk
2tbsp ghee
1tsp vanilla powder/1 pod
3 tbsp arrowroot powder
4 tbsp flour
1/2c coconut sugar

Make oatflour by putting the oats and 1tbsp of arrowroot powder in the blender.
Grind the wallnuts (not too fine) with 1/2tbsp (then it wont stick) in the blender/foodprocessor.
Add the rest of the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Mix all the wet ingredients in the blender into a smooth paste.

Mix wet into dry. It should be like a cookie dough. Not too sticky, but not too dry either.

Grease your pie mold and spread dough evenly. Bake 15 minutes @ 180 degrees celcius.

Wait for it to cool.

Bring ghee & 2 1/2 cups of milk to a boil. In the mean time, blend the other ingredients into a smooth liquid. Once the milk boils, add the other ingredients and keep stirring untill the mixture thickens.

Pour filling into the mold, leave it on the counter to cool for a while, then put it in the fridge.



I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! If you are South African (and you don’t mind healthy versions of….) you will love this!!

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