New Moon Ritual (June 2019/Gemini)

For those who came to the New Moon Ritual in June, below you can find what we did so that you are reminded and can repeat this whenever you want for yourself or with friends and family.

There might be things that aren’t completely self-evident. These will become clearer when you attend more of the meditations and rituals with me.

Opening and entering into mutual mind space:
Exhale three times into the ground.
Chant OM 3 times.
Observe silence and feel connectedness.

Meaning New Moon:
New moon occurs when earth, sun & moon align at the same point in the sky. The moon being hidden from the earth, which brings that thick shadow, where the stars can pop through much brighter.

It is in this alignment that literally a new cycle starts.
There is something calm about this time, something renewing, as though nothing is expected from us & we can simple ‘be’.

While full moon is more noticeable in the sky and our emotions, New Moon is just as powerful, as it reflects more subtle on our inner, deeper layers of our soul.

We cannot see the new moon, but this does not mean that its energy is not working on us.
Usually the subtle & not necessarily visible to our eyes have a tremendous effect on us energetically and emotionally.
That is why New Moon is the perfect time & symbol to tap into this truth.

Therefore we honour the New Moon symbol & energy and take time to turn inwards, connecting to our deeper, subtle, emotional, mental layers, calling upon them through samkalpa, or intention, or heart-felt truth, to manifest during the next moon, life or sun cycle.

For this New Moon the inspiration came from its location in Gemini, which represents truth, communication & self-expression.
There are two things here:
– Clarify what is your truth
– Express how you really feel,
i.e. express your true self/embodied being-jiva.

The proposed intention (However feel free to use your own):
May I be enlightened on my truth & express who I truly AM.

Words from the Wise:
It is always good to turn to the Wise, for they have experienced Truth and can perfectly express this through their words and presence.

“Therefore, it is stated that what is called the heart is no other than Brahman. Moreover, for the reason the Brahman shines in the hearts of all souls as the Self, the name ‘Heart’ is given to Brahman….The adequate evidence for the fact that Brahman, which shines as the Self, resides in the hearts of all is that all people indicate themselves by pointing to the chest when saying ‘I’.”
~ Self- Enquiry of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

“So long as one is bound by karma one remains a jive; when the bond of ignorance is broken, one shines as Siva…Accordingly, the jive which is mind is in reality the pure Self; but, forgetting this truth, it imagines itself to be an individual soul and get bound in the shape of mind.”
~ Self- Enquiery of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


You can repeat this to yourself mentally or out loud, using your preferred insence or smudge:
I cleanse this space with light & loving energy.
The energy that now surrounds me is light, pure & free.
I cleanse away all that is heavy & dull.
Only love may dwell here.
We are cleansed. This space is cleansed.
We are protected. This space is protected.

I cleanse & release the past, the pains, the worries & troubles I have faced.
They are cleansed & released from all my bodies.
All that no longer serves me is removed and all that remains is my light, my love, my truth & my soul.

Acknowledge Elements & Gurus:
You can think of your own Gurus or teachers, and the element of nature that you are great full for. Think of the actual five element, or mountains/rivers/trees. Use your intuition here.

Going towards silence:
Breath in your chest and move your arms opening them sideways and closing them in front of you. 5 times
Breath in your throat and move your arms up sideways and down. 5 times
Bija mantra in chest.
Bija mantra in throat.
Bhajan in heart

Silence with concentration in Heart space.

Repeat Samkalpa.
My heart & my throat are connected, the energy flows freely.
My heart & my throat are connected; it allows me to speak my truth.
I am open to listen.
I am open to speak.
I am open to connecting with my Truth.

Breathe in belly.

Thank elements & Guru’s

Hands over eyes.

“I bow to myself, who am in all beings, the ever free self abiding as Inner Consciousness”