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Meditation, Moon & Nidra

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I cannot imagine my life without meditation. It is probably on the top 3 of my priority list to stay sane in this society and life.
Another is ritual. The act of doing (anything) consciously.
I am amazed by Indian and South American rituals. They are so beautifull and full of symbolism and deeper meaning.
This is not something many people know about me, because it is something so personal and sacred to me, that I have hardly ever shared it.

Copyright CML2017

However, lately some things have been changing for me, and I decided to take a leap, be more daring, face my fears, and start sharing these personal and sacred moments with more people around me. (yikes!)
I set out the intention, and three amazing oportunities came on my path.

Moon Day Meditation
On moon days those of us that practice Ashtanga Yoga take a rest day. For me it is a rest day from the physical practice, but not from Yoga practice.
With my intention in mind, I wrote to the owner of the studio and proposed a montly moon meditation. She was positive about this and I was given the opportunity to hold space for a meditation/ritual every month on New Moon day, when there is no Mysore practice.

Weekly Meditation
My initial idea was to hold a monthly meditation. However, from my own experience I know how important it is to be constant, if possible daily, and I remember my teachers always putting emphasis on this. Practice, practice, practice daily and come together in group to meditate. So with this in mind, the idea for a weekly meditation class came up.
Together with the owner of the yoga studio, we were puzzling about where a weekly meditation could fit into the schedule.
Just when we almost wanted to give up, somehow we noticed the space on monday mornings.
Starting the week in silence seemed perfect to me.
I would go to practice Mysore and then switch to the other room to meditate. My perfect monday morning!

Yoga Nidra
My first introduction to Yoga Nidra was with Stephen Parker from the Himalayan Institute. I was amazed by his knowledge, and this method. Yoga Nidra was also part of my Hatha Yoga education however, staying in the safe grounds of relaxation techniques, it is not something that I have taught much as I felt that the depth and subtlety of this method goes far beyond my teaching skills.
I met Cristina Guerra at an introduction workshop and was really happy to see that her knowledge of Yoga Nidra is vast, and that she teaches from a space of prolonged personal practice and experience.
So I was really happy to join her Yoga Nidra course to deepen my knowledge and practice of this method.
The best part is that I met some amazing women who share my love for silence and ritual!

My intention of being less shy and introvert about something that is very close to my heart came back to me in abundance!
I love how the universe works.

Now every month, with the New Moon, I host a cosy little meditation and ritual at Tula Yoga Studio.
Every monday from 8:15-9:00 there is a meditation circle at Tula Yoga Studio Bos en Lommer. I teach different techniques to develop concentration, to help move towards being able to sit in silence and exp[ore your inner universe. I also invite anyone who already has a settled and constant meditatoin practice to join, as any method of going into silence is valid, and the important part is to join in silence together.
I continue to practice Yoga Nidra and am working out some nidras to deliver to friends and family or anyone who would like to help me develop my teaching and delivering skills in this method.

As a humble student of my teachers I am grateful for everything they have transmitted to me, and I feel it my dharma to share with those who are curious and want to explore the deeper realms of inner being.

Copyright CML2017

The jiva itself is Siva, Siva Himself is jiva. It is true that the jive is no other than Siva. So long as one is bound by karma one remais jiva, when the bond of ignorance is broken, one shines as Siva.
~Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharsi