In Depth Yoga Studies

I offer three routes via wich you can explore and deepen your yoga practice.
Below you can read more about the In Depth Yoga Studies. 


All Levels


Starting September 2024


1 – 3 years


Over the years I have noticed that when students have the theoretic and phylosophical knowledge availble to them, they are more motivated to practice. Yoga is largely a practical science, however it also has a rich and extremely far reaching library of knowledge that supports this practice of understanding our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

My course is structured according to the bodies that we will mainly study during each year.
My objective during the course is to present theoretic and phylosophical aspects and how to apply them in practice.

Year 1: Physical Body
Year 2: Energetic Body
Year 3: Emotional and Mind Body



claire-marie landre
Claire-Marie Landre

More information

For whom is the In Depth Studies?

Do you love practicing Yoga and you are curious about the theory and philosophy behind what you learn during your regular classes? Then this course is for you!

You would like to deepen your knowledge and embark on a more in depth path of Self exploration.

This course is the perfect complement to your regular Yoga classes.

There are no prerequisites to register for this course.

Is this a Teacher Training?

This course is not a Teacher Training. It is an In Depth Course to learn more about Yoga and yourSelf.

What is the schedule for the course?

The course is structured in a way so that it can fit into your lifestyle and schedule.

Keep in mind, to really understand what you have learned, you will need to practice. But, it is up to you to decide how much time to dedicate to practice outside of the course hours.

Exact dates will be announced soon.

The course consists of 6 weekend seminars and 1 retreat per year.

Each weekend seminar consist of a Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 13:30-17:30.

The weekend seminars will take place in the following months:


The retreat will be between 5-7 days depending on the location. The location of the retreat has nog been defined yet.
Suggestions are welcome!

The retreat will take place in July or August.

Do I have to commit to the whole course?

You can sign up for each Weekend Seminar separately.

However, to continue with seminars of a consecutive year, you would have had to attend at least 6 seminars from the previous year. 

What will the contents of the course be?

You are welcome to contact me and I will send you a PDF of the course curriculum. 

Do I need any additional materials to do this course?

That depends on your curiosity. 
I will recommend a variety of books, but it is not required to do the course. 

For the practical side of the course you will need a yogamat, and any additional props you need to sit comforably. 

Of course a pen and a notebook will come in handy! 

Is this course recommended for Yoga teachers?

If you are a Yoga teacher and you would like to deepen your knowledge on Yogic philosophy and the principles behind what you teach, of course you are welcome! 

However this is not a certification. This course is for your own Self exploration and Spiritual development. Which is quite important if you are a Yoga teacher I would say! 

Is it possible to do the course online?

It will be possible to follow the course online via Zoom.
However, presential classes are highly recommended as the interaction that takes place in the room cannot be experienced in the same way online. 

How do I register for this course?

How wonderful that you are interested!

You can register here

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