Creation Itself

I often read the posts on a page called Sacred Dreams on Facebook. I love the posts as they are deep, inspiring and wonderful.

I would like to share this one today:
It is so beautifull and expresses what each and every one of us should be holding onto every single day of our lives.


“There is a power in this Universe greater than any force in mankind.
It is Creation itself.
And, it lives within each of us.
No matter who you are, or where you’re from.

Activate your God Consciousness.
Know that the very thing that created the Sun and the Sky, the Moon and the Stars, the Galaxies and all the Creatures you see,
Lives within you.
You are this.
This is you.

This is a benevolent force,
That loves you,
And, believes in you.

We are all here for a purpose.
And, it starts by accessing the infinite potential within,
And remembering who we really are:
A Divine piece of cosmic consciousness
Here to inspire and be a contribution to others.

In Unity,
Understanding, and
For all”.

~Aahoo Sana’a

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