Affirmation for Shiva Shakti Meeting

My teacher once told me that before being with someone I need to bring together Shiva & Shakti in myself. It’s an ongoing exploration. I love getting inspired by texts that refer to sacred relationship. Within oneself or with another, it is just what you make of it.

This text is beautiful. I feel like it could be a poem to a lover, or an affirmation for oneself, or an intention of who you are waiting for… i leave it open…

Unfortunately I do not know where this text comes from or who wrote it…

She’s Real, She’s deep…
She’s logical and Mystical.
She believes in kindness and Oneness, Romance and Magic.
She’s Sensitive and distant, a Warrior, a Lover.
She believes in road trips to the Stars and dancing with the Universe.
She’s Fearless and Gentle, Wondrous and Brave.
She lives in Waterfalls and Forests, and Sunsets and Galaxies.
She’s the Artist, the Thinker, the Poem and the Dream.~

He’s Real, She’s deep…
He’s logical and Mystical.
He believes in kindness and Oneness, Romance and Magic.
He’s Sensitive and distant, a Warrior, a Lover.
He believes in road trips to the Stars and dancing with the Universe.
He’s Fearless and Gentle, Wondrous and Brave.
He lives in Waterfalls and Forests, and Sunsets and Galaxies.
He’s the Artist, the Thinker, the Poem and the Dream.~



I found this on internet. And it’s beautifull & wise.

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul
and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
and company doesn’t always mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts
and presents aren’t promises
and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes ahead
with the grace of woman, not the grief of a child
and you learn to build all your roads on today
because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much
so you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure
you really are strong
you really do have worth
and you learn
and you learn with every goodbye,
you learn…

~ 1971, Veronica A. Shoffstall

To love a woman

I absolutely love these kind of texts! So I share this one I read recently and was inspired.


One who, whether mystical or not, wild or not, contains all of the multitudes of the Universe.

Whether her hair is a lion’s mane and she speaks freely,

Or she is quiet and calm and poised but aware,

The only difference is what you perceive.

There are not types of women,

There are just energies waiting to be unleashed.

Within every woman you ever greet is the goddess —

And that is the embodiment of which she so chooses to align with.

Not all goddesses are fire and charm and outrageous action,

Some are the sweet flowing river of love that comes from observation and seeking comfort.

Some are the still of the morning hours when nothing is yet moving,

Some are the screeching howl into the night that shakes the trees like a breeze and causes the stars drop their cloaks.

Some are long, lazy afternoons of dripping skin and pen to paper.

Some are all questions and careful movements and lace-covered thought processes.

Some are treasures, some are flames, some are darkness, some are rage.

The truth is, all of these qualities are at home together, in a tangle, carefully constructed, much as a snowflake, as each gorgeous creature on this planet that identifies as a woman, is then also a snowflake of a goddess. Unique, never to be repeated, demure or boisterous, tamed or unstoppable. In whatever form she comes in, she is the embodiment of all things.

What is not blatantly obvious is also her secret magic, the layers that reveal themselves through time and trust and the undoing quality of surrender.

No matter her loudness or stillness, her desire, most often, is to find the one who can hold space for the complete undoing of her knots and ties.

She wishes to unleash herself, in whatever form that takes, to find the catharsis of letting go completely.

Relaxing the muscles, releasing her mind, participating in the revolutionary act of melting.

The great letting go.

The release.

The deep swim into the ocean that holds her electricity without so much as a second guess.

If you wish to love a goddess, love the fact that however she presents herself is only a small sliver of the kaleidoscopic creature she truly exists as.

And this is the power of women: mystery. Magic. Creativity, sexuality, grace, strength — the gift of witnessing what it means to be able to create and destroy at the drop of a hat. All of Mother Nature’s storms and sunsets rolled into one being, capable equally of being tempestuous and seductive, disarming and alluring.

If you wish to love a goddess, look beyond her presence in the world and into the way she thinks and loves and dreams — for a timid exterior may also indicate a wildfire that has yet to grow. If you wish to love a goddess, nurture her whims with your strength and structure so she feels safe to be herself, which is the greatest gift you can give.

If you wish to love a goddess, speak to her, and listen. Let her every impulse roll off of her tongue until she greets the truth at the tip. Let the inhale and exhale of the breath of her emotions ride like waves over you — high and low tides — times to expand, times to retreat.

Forget not that you are both human animals.

Love her enough to be gentle. Love her enough to ravish every cell of her being so completely the letters of your name are etched into her energy like constellations.

Traces left by fingertips are no comparison for what you can do with your love.

Fill her. With all things. Your trust, your confidence, your appreciation, your wisdom, your unshakable presence.

Find roots in your being that can grow deep enough that you will not quake when she is called to release rage, or fear, or sadness — she carries the weight of the world in her womb, and the more safe she feels to move this through and out of her body, the more you both will ascend, heal, and transform.

See her as all things. Sweet, fertile, kind mother goddess. Exotic, languid, hypnotizing erotic goddess. Quiet, still, Elysian angel goddess. Dark, destructive, bloodthirsty Kali goddess. Abundant, joyful, creative goddess. Weeping, shedding, transforming rebirth goddess.

If you want to love a goddess, give her space. Allow her freedom.

And within that space, make it known that she is held.

That she can let go.

That she can lay her body down.

That she no longer is alone in the fight for herself.

That she no longer is alone in caring for herself.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

And then, slowly, or all at once, the layers may fall away and you see — within her, the Universe. Between you, a force-field.

Because of you, an ascension into her true form.

Because of that, the truth that you are a god.

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12 Things a Sensitive Person Needs

I love these articles. They inspire me, sometimes teaches or reminds me something about myself. And mostly they are fun to read. I share this one because I think more people might relate. Enjoy.


If you’re a highly sensitive person like me, you know little things can be too much. Busy environments, violent images in movies, or weekends with little downtime can stress you out. Because you’re so in tune with your environment and other people, life can be pretty exhausting. As a result, you withdraw — but the people around you don’t understand why you do this.

But there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not alone. High sensitivity is actually fairly common, found in 15 to 20 percent of the population, according to Dr. Elaine N. Aron, author of the book, The Highly Sensitive Person. Both introverts and extroverts can be sensitive, as well as people of all personality types, although high sensitivity is probably more common among INFPs and INFJs.

(What’s your personality type? We recommend this free personality test.)

Sadly, because many people don’t understand what high sensitivity is, you may have been told to “toughen up” or “just get over it.” You may have always felt different from other people, but you didn’t have a name for what you were.

High sensitivity can make life challenging but not impossible. When I’m in a routine and doing plenty of self-care, I forget about my sensitivity. But a recent trip reminded me of just how frazzled my senses can get. I was rushing from one activity to the next, hanging out in loud, crowded bars and restaurants, and meeting many new people. To top it all off, I wasn’t getting enough sleep or the kind of exercise that makes me feel good, like cardio and yoga. After five days of “vacation,” I was completely fried.

How can highly sensitive people thrive in a noisy, busy world? Here are 12 things we need:

1. Time to decompress

Noisy, busy environments, like a crowded shopping mall, can wreak havoc on a sensitive person’s highly reactive nervous system. Likewise, packed schedules and high-pressure situations, like a job interview or the first day in a new school, are overstimulating. If you know you’ll be in situation that will frazzle you, plan some time to decompress in a quiet space afterward. It’s best if you can be alone.

2. Meaningful relationships

We get bored or restless in relationships that lack meaningful interaction, according to Aron. This doesn’t mean we’re prone to relationship hopping. Rather, we may actually work harder to inspire intimacy and interesting conversation. It also means we’re selective about the people we let into our lives.

Interestingly, many sensitive people are great to be in a relationship with because they not only tune in to what’s good for them but also to what’s good for others. They pay close attention to what their significant other wants. Aron calls this characteristic “mate sensitivity,” which means the ability to rapidly figure out what pleases their partner and act based on that intel. This behavior goes for friends, family members, and co-workers as well. Basically, it makes us happy to make others happy.

3. People who understand our emotional nature

Sensitive people may cry or frequently become emotional. “Sensitive people can’t help but express what they’re feeling,” Aron told the Huffington Post. “They show their anger, they show their happiness. Appreciating that is really important.”

4. A gentle, healthy way of managing conflict

No matter who you are, fighting with a loved one is miserable. But sensitive people tend to feel extra anxious when conflict arises, and an internal battle takes place. We feel torn between speaking up for what we believe is right and sitting back so we don’t provoke an angry reaction from the other person. Often we subjugate our own needs because we’d rather “go along to get along.” On the other hand, sensitive people can make great conflict resolvers, because we tend to see the other person’s perspective. We have high levels of empathy and can easily put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

5. Time to get things done

Sensitive people like a slower pace of life. We like pondering all our options before making a decision. We’re always reflecting on our experiences. We hate busy schedules and rushing from one event to the next. One of the hardest parts of my day during the work week is getting moving in the morning and leaving my apartment on time. Saturday mornings, when I don’t have to work, are for going at my own pace. It’s calming and restorative to know I don’t have to be dressed and ready to go anywhere anytime soon.

6. Plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep (less than 7 hours a night, for most people) makes the average person irritable and less productive. But lack of sleep for the sensitive person can make life almost unbearable. Getting enough sleep soothes my ramped-up senses and helps me process my thoughts and emotions. How much sleep I get can literally make or break my day. Without proper sleep, every little stressor seems ten times worse.

7. Healthy meals spaced regularly throughout the day

When I don’t eat regularly, I get hangry. This is because, according to Aron, extreme hunger can mess up a sensitive person’s mood or concentration. To fend off feelings of crankiness and discombobulation, maintain a steady blood sugar level throughout the day by eating regular healthy meals and snacks.

8. Caffeine-free options

Sensitive people are sensitive to caffeine (no surprise here). I drink one cup of coffee in the morning to get me going, but I don’t have any caffeine past noon. Even a mug of green tea later in the day would leave me tossing and turning at night. Plus, having too much caffeine leaves me feeling jittery and wound up in an uncomfortable way. If you’re sensitive, consider limiting your coffee, soda, and tea intake. Watch out for sneaky sources of caffeine, like chocolate. Remember, the darker the chocolate, the more caffeine. For example, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar has a walloping 31 milligrams of caffeine, almost as much as a can of Coke!

9. A space of our own

If you live with others, make sure you have a quiet place you can retreat to when you need to get away from noise and people. Turn on your favorite music to drown out any unpleasant external noise.

10. Low lighting

If possible, turn off the overhead lights in your home or office and substitute a lamp.

11. Time to adjust to change

Transitions aren’t easy for anybody. (Hey! Who moved my cheese?) But for sensitive people, transitions can be really rough. Even positive changes, like starting a new relationship or moving into a dream home, can be overstimulating and require an extra long period of adjustment. For example, I recently moved into a wonderful new apartment in a city I enjoy, but I literally felt off-kilter for months until I got used to my new situation.

12. Beauty and nature

Like most sensitive people, I’m deeply affected by my surroundings, especially the way they look. Cluttered, chaotic, or just plain ugly environments bother me. I feel calm spending time in nature, my city’s favorite neighborhoods, or my simply decorated apartment (especially when it’s actually clean and tidy!).

When it comes down to it, the key is to embrace your sensitivity rather than work against it. Sensitive people make incredible leaders, partners, and friends. We have high levels of empathy and we tend to be creative and perceptive. Maybe the world could use a little more of what we have.


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Wise words from María Quiñelén

I found these words on the internet, said by a well known Mapuche Medicine Woman. I think it is beautiful and would like to translate it to English.


“Las mujeres son las que educan a los hombres, a sus hijos, a sus nietos. La mujer es la primera escuela, ya que la primera educación que se recibe es la maternal. La mujer es la conocedora de los misterios de la creación; ella conoce el misterio del origen de la vida porque ella misma es dadora de vida mediante la concepción. Si la Mujer está sana puede formar una familia y una comunidad sana. Por lo cual la mujer es la que debe reconstruirse para poder tener una sociedad más justa, equilibrada, sabia y armónica.” María Quiñelén, Lawentuchefe (Mujer de Medicina Mapuche)

” Women are the ones who educate men, their children, their grandchildren. The woman is the first school, since the first education that one receives is the maternal one. The woman knows the mysteries of the creation; she knows the mistery of the origin of life because she herself is giver of life through conception. When the woman is healthy she can form a healthy family and community. Therefore women are the ones that should rebuild and heal themselves for there to be a more fair, balanced, wise and harmonious society. “

I would like to add to this:

Men and women should take care of each other, and understand their importance to one another. No man or woman is more or less important than the other. They are created to complement, help and take care of each other. So men, also rebuild and heal yourselves for we need both healthy masculine and feminine energies for there to be balance and harmony in the society.  The seed and the earth need each other equally for nature to flourish.


Hanging out with an introvert :)

I found this article, and I’m sharing it because it actually makes quite some sense to me.

Some tips are funny, some are really true, and some less! It’s fun to read and draw your own conclusions. And maybe share it with some extrovert friends 😉


1. If you want to get to know us better, hang out with us one-on-one. Have you ever wanted to make an introvert disappear? Put them in a large group. They’ll quietly fade into the background. Pretty soon it’s like they’re not even there. But when you get introverts alone, it’s a different story. Introverts thrive in intimate settings because when we’re talking to just one person, it drastically reduces our stimulation level; we only have to pay attention to the words, body language, and tone of voice of one person. Plus, one-on-one, it’s easier to talk about more meaningful topics. Group talk tends to revolve around “safe” topics like current events, jokes, and only the parts of your spring break trip to Cancun that are clean enough to tell your grandma. Introverts want to share ideas and talk authentically about things that matter.

2. Likewise, if you say it’s just going to be the two of us, don’t invite other people. It’s hurtful if we feel like we’re just another warm body in your extrovert entourage. We want to mean something to you, because if we’re friends, you mean a lot to us. We don’t let just anybody into our inner circle. As Adam S. McHugh puts it: “Introverts treasure the close relationships they have stretched so much to make.” Plus, we were probably looking forward to talking to just you, and we didn’t mentally prepare to interact with people who we may not feel comfortable with. Before you invite other people, check with us. We might be totally up for it (if we’ve got the energy) or we might not. Either way, we’ll feel respected.

3. We’d rather have a tiny moment of real connection than hours of polite chitchat. How are you really? What’s really on your mind? Don’t just tell us that you had a good weekend. Tell us it was good because you finally sorted out your complicated feelings about your ex. Or that you’re having an existential crisis over the fact that you’re getting older and you haven’t accomplished the things you thought you would have accomplished by now. We’d rather know what’s going on inside you—what’s really going on—than just see the polished facade that you display to everyone else. Laurie Helgoe writes, “When an introvert cares about someone, she also wants contact, not so much to keep up with the events of the other person’s life, but to keep up with what’s inside: the evolution of ideas, values, thoughts, and feelings.”

4. Sometimes we need encouragement to open up about ourselves. As much as introverts enjoy authentic conversation, we can struggle to get there. In fact, we tend to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves, especially around people we don’t know well. For example, there have been times when something was bothering me and I wanted to talk to someone about it. But because I worried I would inconvenience the people around me, I didn’t bring it up. I’m better at advocating for myself now, but sometimes it’s still hard. So if you notice that your new introverted friend looks particularly distracted, maybe something is weighing on their mind. Try asking them some good-natured, non-prying questions. “You don’t seem like yourself today. Is there something on your mind that you’d want to talk about?” Of course, if they say they don’t want to talk about it, don’t push. But showing interest in us, and directly inviting us to talk, can go a long way.

5. We may get lost in our own world. The introvert’s inner world is vivid and alive. This means we’re prone to daydreaming. When we’re hanging out, if we drift off for a moment, don’t say things like, “Hey, where did you go?” or “Helloooooo come back to Earth!” This will make us feel self-conscious. Don’t worry, we’re just taking a short trip into the realm of our thoughts. Please stand by.

6. Silence means we’re processing. Likewise, if the two of us are having a conversation and we’re quiet for a moment, we’re probably thinking about what you said. Give us a beat to collect our thoughts (we like to think before we speak). Then we’ll lay some introvert wisdom on you.

7. We like talking too. I have an extroverted friend who will go on and on about her life if given the chance. Suddenly 20 minutes have gone by and I’ve barely said anything. I like to support her, but even I have my limits, as all introverts do. So please remember that although introverts are good listeners, we like talking, too. Unfortunately, people may interpret our silence (and our lack of interrupting) as an invitation to keep talking. Make sure your quiet friend gets their turn, too.

8. We may not call or text as much as your extroverted friends. That doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about you. On the contrary, you probably float through our busy mind quite a bit when we’re apart. But we know we’ll soon see each other again, and we’d rather catch up in a way that’s meaningful—in person, over coffee, on-on-one.

9. Give us time to mentally prepare to hang out. Spontaneity can be fun, and it has its place. But as a general rule, don’t ask us to be ready to hang out in 10 minutes. We need time to mentally prepare for socializing, even if it’s with a close friend. Every introvert is different, but I prefer to be asked at least a day in advance.

10. As much as we like you, don’t show up at our house without asking. Our home is a sacred space where we recharge. This goes back to the “we need time to mentally prepare to see people” thing.

11. If we don’t answer your message right away, don’t think we hate you. We may want to think before we respond. Or we may be in introvert mode—no people, no texting, no phone. For our own mental sanity, sometimes we need to completely disconnect from people in every way.

12. Even though we had fun hanging out yesterday, we probably don’t want to hang out again today. If you’re an extrovert, socializing energized you. But we feel tired, even though we enjoyed ourselves. That’s because our brain is wired differently from your brain; we don’t feel as rewarded by socializing as you do. Give us some time to recharge. We promise, we’ll want to see you again soon.

13. If we say we want to stay home, we really do just want to stay home. We’re not sending a passive-aggressive message that we don’t want to be friends anymore. We just need some solitude. Remember, solitude is the air we breathe.


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Be yourself, totally

Im not much of an activist and I don’t usually go onto the streets to protest or anything like that. But I respect the people who do that, because I think they are strong and courageous for wanting to express something or call for change. However I think true change comes from an individual place, deep within. And for something to happen deep within, we have to start developing a sensitivity in order to actually feel what is happening within.

Of course there are different ways of doing this. For me my yoga journey has helped, and my teachers have helped also, guiding me to go deeper within myself. Whether it be meditation, yoga, walks on the beach, rock climbing, becoming a mother or father, there are all kinds of ways that we start learning about ourselves and get to a place where we can actually just be ourselves.

If I can just give a small reflection…everyone and everything that happens in your life is there to help and guide you go more withing. Try to remember this, and be open to all experiences and people that come into your life. They are usually teachers that bring you closer to yourself.

That said, the text I am sharing below is such a wonderfull description of a woman being in touch with herself, or her essence. It inspires me and maybe it can do the same for you.


The Ecstatically Awakening Woman is a woman in metamorphosis. She is changing woman, leaving behind the constructs that have bound her. She no longer fit’s into the mould of the cultural status quo, she lives aligned to her unique soul design.

She is creatively on fire and connected to her deeper soul desires. She lives inside the inspirational stream of her creative dreams. She lives a life of passion and purpose, knowing that her imagination is her greatest gift for creating the highest possibilities for her life.

She has slipped into the abundance stream of creation, she trusts that there is always enough, love, food or wealth. She loves her body as the temple of her soul and can heal an injury in her body at least three times faster than most.

She honours her sexuality as sacred, and knows how to cultivate this force for awakening and healing. She is sexually sovereign and claims her sexuality as her own. She no longer needs a man or lover to complete her yet shares intimately and deeply from an overflowing place in her heart and from this place of giving she bonds deeply. She embraces her soft, sensuous nature and moves with grace out of her hiding place and lets her juicy feminine essence be seen.

She is omni orgasmic and has full bodied ecstatic orgasms, while smelling a rose or on her early morning walks while breathing in the prana of the trees. She is playful as a child and wise as the ancient mother that guides her life.

She is inclined towards regular bursts of spontaneous expression, like wrapping her body in vines of jasmine while singing and dancing under the stars. She lives in gratitude and appreciates the beauty that surrounds her and gives thanks daily.

She is emotionally agile, when emotions arise she does not collapse or suppress, but  surrenders to the river of Shakti’s love and lets them flow. She is in touch with her wild woman, courageous, untamed and free.

She is becoming slowly luminous, as with every ecstatic star burst she is switching on new DNA and lighting up new pathways in her brain. She is ecstatically awakening her super human powers and creative potentials, she is limitless, fearless and free.

She knows love is her true power and cultivates her heart as her source. Her inner fire glows golden and radiant like the sun. Her energy does not leak in need of no one. She does not compromise her self to be liked. She loves and accepts herself as she is.

Her heart is golden, the centre of her radiant source, and she lives in the spirit of devotion, of love and service in motion.

Anchored in true power she follows her inner authority. She is a powerful co creator, collaborator, team player, she has moved from independence to interdependence.

She lives guided by her intuition, her body her felt sense leading the way. Her mind, her rational would be the secondary guide not the first.

She lives in balance with the masculine and feminine polarities of her being. She lives in peace with men and woman, peace with all beings. She honours all life is sacred and walks in beauty, and lives in grace.

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