Affirmation for Shiva Shakti Meeting

My teacher once told me that before being with someone I need to bring together Shiva & Shakti in myself. It’s an ongoing exploration. I love getting inspired by texts that refer to sacred relationship. Within oneself or with another, it is just what you make of it.

This text is beautiful. I feel like it could be a poem to a lover, or an affirmation for oneself, or an intention of who you are waiting for… i leave it open…

Unfortunately I do not know where this text comes from or who wrote it…

She’s Real, She’s deep…
She’s logical and Mystical.
She believes in kindness and Oneness, Romance and Magic.
She’s Sensitive and distant, a Warrior, a Lover.
She believes in road trips to the Stars and dancing with the Universe.
She’s Fearless and Gentle, Wondrous and Brave.
She lives in Waterfalls and Forests, and Sunsets and Galaxies.
She’s the Artist, the Thinker, the Poem and the Dream.~

He’s Real, She’s deep…
He’s logical and Mystical.
He believes in kindness and Oneness, Romance and Magic.
He’s Sensitive and distant, a Warrior, a Lover.
He believes in road trips to the Stars and dancing with the Universe.
He’s Fearless and Gentle, Wondrous and Brave.
He lives in Waterfalls and Forests, and Sunsets and Galaxies.
He’s the Artist, the Thinker, the Poem and the Dream.~


To love a woman

I absolutely love these kind of texts! So I share this one I read recently and was inspired.


One who, whether mystical or not, wild or not, contains all of the multitudes of the Universe.

Whether her hair is a lion’s mane and she speaks freely,

Or she is quiet and calm and poised but aware,

The only difference is what you perceive.

There are not types of women,

There are just energies waiting to be unleashed.

Within every woman you ever greet is the goddess¬†‚ÄĒ

And that is the embodiment of which she so chooses to align with.

Not all goddesses are fire and charm and outrageous action,

Some are the sweet flowing river of love that comes from observation and seeking comfort.

Some are the still of the morning hours when nothing is yet moving,

Some are the screeching howl into the night that shakes the trees like a breeze and causes the stars drop their cloaks.

Some are long, lazy afternoons of dripping skin and pen to paper.

Some are all questions and careful movements and lace-covered thought processes.

Some are treasures, some are flames, some are darkness, some are rage.

The truth is, all of these qualities are at home together, in a tangle, carefully constructed, much as a snowflake, as each gorgeous creature on this planet that identifies as a woman, is then also a snowflake of a goddess. Unique, never to be repeated, demure or boisterous, tamed or unstoppable. In whatever form she comes in, she is the embodiment of all things.

What is not blatantly obvious is also her secret magic, the layers that reveal themselves through time and trust and the undoing quality of surrender.

No matter her loudness or stillness, her desire, most often, is to find the one who can hold space for the complete undoing of her knots and ties.

She wishes to unleash herself, in whatever form that takes, to find the catharsis of letting go completely.

Relaxing the muscles, releasing her mind, participating in the revolutionary act of melting.

The great letting go.

The release.

The deep swim into the ocean that holds her electricity without so much as a second guess.

If you wish to love a goddess, love the fact that however she presents herself is only a small sliver of the kaleidoscopic creature she truly exists as.

And this is the power of women:¬†mystery. Magic. Creativity, sexuality, grace, strength ‚ÄĒ¬†the gift of witnessing what it means to be able to create and destroy at the drop of a hat. All of Mother Nature‚Äôs storms and sunsets rolled into one being, capable equally of being tempestuous and seductive, disarming and alluring.

If you wish to love a goddess, look beyond her presence in the world and into the way she thinks and loves and dreams ‚ÄĒ¬†for a timid exterior may also indicate a wildfire that has yet to grow. If you wish to love a goddess, nurture her whims with your strength and structure so she feels safe to be herself, which is the greatest gift you can give.

If you wish to love a goddess, speak to her, and listen. Let her every impulse roll off of her tongue until she greets the truth at the tip. Let the inhale and exhale of the breath of her emotions ride like waves over you ‚ÄĒ¬†high and low tides ‚ÄĒ¬†times to expand, times to retreat.

Forget not that you are both human animals.

Love her enough to be gentle. Love her enough to ravish every cell of her being so completely the letters of your name are etched into her energy like constellations.

Traces left by fingertips are no comparison for what you can do with your love.

Fill her. With all things. Your trust, your confidence, your appreciation, your wisdom, your unshakable presence.

Find roots in your being that can grow deep enough that you will not quake when she is called to release rage, or fear, or sadness ‚ÄĒ¬†she carries the weight of the world in her womb, and the more safe she feels to move this through and out of her body, the more you both will ascend, heal, and transform.

See her as all things. Sweet, fertile, kind mother goddess. Exotic, languid, hypnotizing erotic goddess. Quiet, still, Elysian angel goddess. Dark, destructive, bloodthirsty Kali goddess. Abundant, joyful, creative goddess. Weeping, shedding, transforming rebirth goddess.

If you want to love a goddess, give her space. Allow her freedom.

And within that space, make it known that she is held.

That she can let go.

That she can lay her body down.

That she no longer is alone in the fight for herself.

That she no longer is alone in caring for herself.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

And then, slowly, or all at once, the layers may fall away and you see ‚ÄĒ¬†within her, the Universe. Between you, a force-field.

Because of you, an ascension into her true form.

Because of that, the truth that you are a god.

original article:

Wise words from Mar√≠a Qui√Īel√©n

I found these words on the internet, said by a well known Mapuche Medicine Woman. I think it is beautiful and would like to translate it to English.


“Las mujeres son las que educan a los hombres, a sus hijos, a sus nietos. La mujer es la primera escuela, ya que la primera educaci√≥n que se recibe es la maternal. La mujer es la conocedora de los misterios de la creaci√≥n; ella conoce el misterio del origen de la vida porque ella misma es dadora de vida mediante la concepci√≥n. Si la Mujer est√° sana puede formar una familia y una comunidad sana. Por lo cual la mujer es la que debe reconstruirse para poder tener una sociedad m√°s justa, equilibrada, sabia y arm√≥nica.‚ÄĚ Mar√≠a Qui√Īel√©n, Lawentuchefe (Mujer de Medicina Mapuche)

” Women are the ones who educate men, their children, their grandchildren. The woman is the first school, since the first education that one receives is the maternal one. The woman knows the mysteries of the creation; she knows the mistery of the origin of life because she herself is giver of life through conception. When the woman is healthy she can form a healthy family and community. Therefore women are the ones that¬†should rebuild and heal themselves for there to be¬†a more fair, balanced, wise and harmonious society. “

I would like to add to this:

Men and women should take care of each other, and understand their importance to one another. No man or woman is more or less important than the other. They are created to complement, help and take care of each other. So men, also rebuild and heal yourselves for we need both healthy masculine and feminine energies for there to be balance and harmony in the society.  The seed and the earth need each other equally for nature to flourish.


Be yourself, totally

Im not much of an activist and I don’t usually go onto the streets to protest or anything like that. But I respect the people who do that, because I think they are strong and courageous for wanting to express something or call for change. However I think true change comes from an individual place, deep within. And for something to happen deep within, we have to start developing a sensitivity in order to actually feel what is happening within.

Of course there are different ways of doing this. For me my yoga journey has helped, and my teachers have helped also, guiding me to go deeper within myself. Whether it be meditation, yoga, walks on the beach, rock climbing, becoming a mother or father, there are all kinds of ways that we start learning about ourselves and get to a place where we can actually just be ourselves.

If I can just give a small reflection…everyone and everything that happens in your life is there to help and guide you go more withing. Try to remember this, and be open to all experiences and people that come into your life. They are usually teachers that bring you closer to yourself.

That said, the text I am sharing below is such a wonderfull description of a woman being in touch with herself, or her essence. It inspires me and maybe it can do the same for you.


The Ecstatically Awakening Woman is a woman in metamorphosis. She is changing woman, leaving behind the constructs that have bound her. She no longer fit’s into the mould of the cultural status quo, she lives aligned to her unique soul design.

She is creatively on fire and connected to her deeper soul desires. She lives inside the inspirational stream of her creative dreams. She lives a life of passion and purpose, knowing that her imagination is her greatest gift for creating the highest possibilities for her life.

She has slipped into the abundance stream of creation, she trusts that there is always enough, love, food or wealth. She loves her body as the temple of her soul and can heal an injury in her body at least three times faster than most.

She honours her sexuality as sacred, and knows how to cultivate this force for awakening and healing. She is sexually sovereign and claims her sexuality as her own. She no longer needs a man or lover to complete her yet shares intimately and deeply from an overflowing place in her heart and from this place of giving she bonds deeply. She embraces her soft, sensuous nature and moves with grace out of her hiding place and lets her juicy feminine essence be seen.

She is omni orgasmic and has full bodied ecstatic orgasms, while smelling a rose or on her early morning walks while breathing in the prana of the trees. She is playful as a child and wise as the ancient mother that guides her life.

She is inclined towards regular bursts of spontaneous expression, like wrapping her body in vines of jasmine while singing and dancing under the stars. She lives in gratitude and appreciates the beauty that surrounds her and gives thanks daily.

She is emotionally agile, when emotions arise she does not collapse or suppress, but  surrenders to the river of Shakti’s love and lets them flow. She is in touch with her wild woman, courageous, untamed and free.

She is becoming slowly luminous, as with every ecstatic star burst she is switching on new DNA and lighting up new pathways in her brain. She is ecstatically awakening her super human powers and creative potentials, she is limitless, fearless and free.

She knows love is her true power and cultivates her heart as her source. Her inner fire glows golden and radiant like the sun. Her energy does not leak in need of no one. She does not compromise her self to be liked. She loves and accepts herself as she is.

Her heart is golden, the centre of her radiant source, and she lives in the spirit of devotion, of love and service in motion.

Anchored in true power she follows her inner authority. She is a powerful co creator, collaborator, team player, she has moved from independence to interdependence.

She lives guided by her intuition, her body her felt sense leading the way. Her mind, her rational would be the secondary guide not the first.

She lives in balance with the masculine and feminine polarities of her being. She lives in peace with men and woman, peace with all beings. She honours all life is sacred and walks in beauty, and lives in grace.

original text:

Tell him…

I read this text  in Spanish on Facebook the other day, and I would like to translate it as I think it is not just a message for the men in our lives, but also one we as women should take the time to remind ourselves.

Originally read on:


To your lover, to your friend, to your brother, to your father…
Tell him that you are ciclical, that your hormones change during the month as does your mood. 
Tell him that during your menstruation you are more sensitive and receptive, that you need stillness to listen to your heart, time to rest, to look at the moon. 
Tell him that you need to cry the month’s sadness, that you need to release, find yourself, recover your centre and transcend limits.¬†
Tell him that your blood is red and not blue, tell him that with his love and acceptance you can return to your essence and become stronger, that he shouldn’t be scared, that you don’t want to be stronger than or compete with him.
Tell him that your strength is different and necessary, that by being authentic you can support him, so that as a man he can find himself and take his place and that way we can live as authentic men and women, and perhaps that way we can form an earth of love and respect between human beings. Tell him…
Woman of the Earth


Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

We essentially are made and born from our mother and father coming together. So not only do our parents obviously influence who we become during our lives with (and without) them, but I think that on a cellular, (un)consciousness level we are made up of a combination of them.

So what I’m starting to wonder and explore, is that to go deeper within ourselves, we need to understand where we come from on a cellular level. And this is the part where I’m not sure yet what has to be done, but I think it has to do with understanding, accepting, forgiving and going beyond your cellular make up and move on to the realization that you are also part of a universal energy that has a potential that is beyond your wildest imagination.

I found this article cruising around on internet, and I think it has pretty interesting information. Understanding and then healing mother (and father) wounds ¬†might be a way for us to move beyond our limitations, fears and conditions and embrace our full potential…

I’m not the expert, i’m just the explorer and the seeker. Maybe this is interesting for you too.

Read the article here: Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

Start Healing Womb Memories


I am not an expert on this area, but hey, I am a woman. Due to past experiences, that I now apreciate and acknowledge, I started exploring my feminine side and femininity more deeply a few years ago. I am still learning and exploring this every day and I love it.

Starting this exploration helped me realize that we as women carry in our womb, our uterus, our sacred space of creation, alot of memories, sometimes treasures, sometimes scars. And on top of that, not only ours, but those of our mothers, grandmothers and female ancestors. Therefore it is important to accept, acknowledge and apreciate all the women in and before your life. Most important is to do the same with the girl, mother, sister, grandmother and woman you are.

As modern women we sometimes lose touch of our feminine side. At least I did. And I had to remember and find out exactly what that means. This brought me to pay more attention to my Yoga teachings with regard to feminine/musculine energy. Feminine, lunar energy attributes are creativity, receiving, feeling,  collaboration, emotional, flexible and intuitive. I am not saying that we need to become only feminine women. As a woman (or a man) we need to balance our masculine and feminine energies. But what I am saying, is that maybe not all women (such as me) are as in contact with their feminine side as they could be.

kundalini-shakti-from-pinterestLadies! We are beautifull, sacred, emotional, intuitive, intelligent, incredibly strong beings, connected to the lunar cylce with our own menstrual cycle, holding the actual pontential of creation within our wombs!

If that is not enough to completely love and respect yourself (and all other women for that matter), then I do not know what is.

To start my exploration this prayer helped me. Honour yourself, honour your ancestors, feeling infinite respect towards them for coming before you to this life.

You can read it, repeat it, rewrite it…whatever you feel suits you. Here I have translated it from the spanish version that I learned.

If you feel like it, you can put your right hand on your heart, and your left hand on your lower belly (uterus).

I recognize the girl inside me.
I recognize the woman inside me.
I recognize the woman that is my mother.
I recognize the woman that is my grandmother.
I recognize all the women who pervade in me. 

I apologize to the girl inside me.
I apologize to the woman inside me.
I apologize to the woman that is my mother.
I apologize to the woman that is my grandmother.
I apologize to all the women who pervade in me. 

I forgive the girl inside me.
I forgive the woman inside me.
I forgive the woman that is my mother.
I forgive the woman that is my grandmother.
I forgive all the women who pervade in me. 

I thank the girl inside me.
I thank the woman inside me.
I thank the woman that is my mother.
I thank the woman that is my grandmother.
I thank all the women who pervade in me. 

I love the girl inside me.
I love the woman inside me.
I love the woman that is my mother.
I love the woman that is my grandmother.
I love all the women who pervade in me. 

I honour the girl inside me.
I honour the woman inside me.
I honour the woman that is my mother.
I honour the woman that is my grandmother.
I honour all the women who pervade in me. 

If you like you can then bring your hands together before your chest (heart centre) and bow down to yourself and the Female Goddess  (inside yourself and all women).