You might have noticed I have a thing for lattés. I link it to my Ayurvedic Vata constitution. I like (and need) things to be warm and soft and thick. This gives me a feeling of cozyness, relaxation and care, which are the things a typical Vata constitution can use so much!

Well actually that being said, I am Vata-Kapha, which are opposite constitutions and that makes is not easy to handle. But because my Vata is a bit more dominant, I usually take more care of it.

Now about coffee….not very good for Vata. But I love it.
Once in a while I take a break from coffee and make chai lattés (not bad either!) just so that my system knows it does not need coffee. I like doing this, because instead of convincing myself that coffee is not so good for me, my body literally experiences it. When I take a break from coffee I feel good and realize that more than one a day is definitely a no go.

But when I do, i ALWAYS make it in a certain way.
You must have seen it come by on my stories many times.
To counterbalance the effect of the coffee, I add cardamom (and sometimes cinnamon). But ALWAYS cardamom.

Sometimes I addd cordyceps, which gives it such a good flavour. And just to spoil myself I add vanilla.

autum meals soup

I usually add coconut sugar or maple syrup, but with the recipe that I will share with you below I think it is not necessary

You will need the following tools:

frying pan
measuring cup
sieve/nutmilk bag


jars to store mylk


1C oats
1C activated/soaked cashews
8C (filtered) water
1/2t salt
1/2t cinnamon
pinch vanilla
2 medjool dates
2t coconut oil 
pinch of irish moss (optional)


 Roast the oats in the frying pan (or in the oven) for a few mintues, untill it starts getting golden brown and there is an aroma coming from them.

• If you are not using a Thermomix, heat up the water to about 50-60 degrees celcius.

• Add all the ingredients to the blender.

 Blend for 2 minutes

• If you are using Thermomix, blend at 60 degrees Celcius for 2 to 3 mintues.

• Check if everything has been blended, let the mixture drop down, and then blend again for 1 minute.

• place the sieve/nutmilk bag over a bowl.

• add the blended mixture and start massaging to strain your mylk. (If you are using nutmilkbag, it is wonderfull to do this with your CLEAN hands. It feels so soothing to the skin!)

• Rince your blender, then pour the strained mylk back into the blender.

• Boil water, then sterilize the jars you are going to use to store your mylk.

• Now pour the mylk into jars and close them. Let them cool before putting in the fridge.


• It is normal that the mylk will separate in the fridge. A good shake before use will solve this. 
• Warm up your mylk to a frothy latté using a pan or even better, get yourself a frother!
• Soak 1kg of cashews for about 6 hours, then dehydrate. You will have activated cashews at hand for all your recipies. 
• Thanks to the naural sweetness of the cashews and medjool dates in the mylk, I do not feel the need to add extra suger to my coffee. 
• I roast the oats for two reasons: flavour and aroma: oats just taste so much better after being roasted. digestability: roasting eliminates the enzyme inhibitors and improves digestion. 
• This mix tastes amazing by itself, warm or cold. 
• I got my nutmilkbag here and its the best one yet!

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