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Tell him…

I read this text  in Spanish on Facebook the other day, and I would like to translate it as I think it is not just a message for the men in our lives, but also one we as women should take the time to remind ourselves.

Originally read on: https://www.facebook.com/laintuiciondelasbrujas/


To your lover, to your friend, to your brother, to your father…
Tell him that you are ciclical, that your hormones change during the month as does your mood. 
Tell him that during your menstruation you are more sensitive and receptive, that you need stillness to listen to your heart, time to rest, to look at the moon. 
Tell him that you need to cry the month’s sadness, that you need to release, find yourself, recover your centre and transcend limits. 
Tell him that your blood is red and not blue, tell him that with his love and acceptance you can return to your essence and become stronger, that he shouldn’t be scared, that you don’t want to be stronger than or compete with him.
Tell him that your strength is different and necessary, that by being authentic you can support him, so that as a man he can find himself and take his place and that way we can live as authentic men and women, and perhaps that way we can form an earth of love and respect between human beings. Tell him…
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