Atjar Tjampoer : Sauerkraut Style

If you have ever had Indonesian food then you know that Atjar Tjampoer is one of the most important sides to complete the whole taste experience.
A while back, while I was still living in Ecuador, I had the chance to do a workshop with the king of fermentation Sandor Katz. It was so inspiring and fun! And it got me thinking….

Almost all traditional cultures have a fermented side dish to complete their meals. Japanese have miso, soya sauce, umeboshi etc. Germans have sauerkraut and. Indians have idlis, pickles and chutneys. Indonesians has Atjar Tjampoer!

They were smart, and unconscioulsy (or very consciously) knew that this not only completes the 6 tastes, but helps digestion and contains quite some vitamins & minerals.

Normal Atjar Tjampoer is really more like a pickle, veggies and spices marinated in vinegar. Not bad, but commercial jars are usually not filled with a high quality, full of friendly bacteria raw fermented vinegar….
So I figured I have two options…

Either pickle the veggies myself in a proper organic raw apple cider vinegar, or…

Make Atjar Tjampoer ferment!

This one obviously sounds more exciting. I have already done it many times, and if you like fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, you will go crazy with this one.


500g of any organic veggies you have at home (carrots, cole, green beans, beetroot, fennel….) Here I used cole and beetroot.
2 teaspoons ginger powder
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
1 tablespoon mustard powder/mustard
1 tablespoon jaggery/coconut nectar/coconut sugar…
2 garlic cloves, chopped
2cm of fresh ginger, grated
salt to taste


Grate or cut very fine all the veggies. I used a food processor with grate function.

In a clean, deep bowl, mix the veggies with all the spices.

Now massage you veggies! Yes, get your hands in there and squeeze and press the veggies untill the juice comes out. You want enough juice to actually cover your veggies.

Now you can transfer your mix to a clean & sterilized jar. Press everything down so that the juice covers the veggies. I always put a leaf of some vegetable on top to keep the mix from coming up. Cover with a cheese cloth and leave to ferment for approximately 3 days. Press the veggies down once or twice a day to keep the juice covering everything.

After 3 days you can start tasting your ferment. When you are satisfied with the taste, the jar can be kept in the fridge.

Now, invite some friends, make a huge Gado Gado, and share your tangy, spicy and delicious home made Atjar Tjampoer!

Tip: Make your own peanut sauce with coconutcream, peanutbutter, soyasauce, a bit of coconutsugar, fresh ginger and chilli. 🙂


To love a woman

I absolutely love these kind of texts! So I share this one I read recently and was inspired.


One who, whether mystical or not, wild or not, contains all of the multitudes of the Universe.

Whether her hair is a lion’s mane and she speaks freely,

Or she is quiet and calm and poised but aware,

The only difference is what you perceive.

There are not types of women,

There are just energies waiting to be unleashed.

Within every woman you ever greet is the goddess —

And that is the embodiment of which she so chooses to align with.

Not all goddesses are fire and charm and outrageous action,

Some are the sweet flowing river of love that comes from observation and seeking comfort.

Some are the still of the morning hours when nothing is yet moving,

Some are the screeching howl into the night that shakes the trees like a breeze and causes the stars drop their cloaks.

Some are long, lazy afternoons of dripping skin and pen to paper.

Some are all questions and careful movements and lace-covered thought processes.

Some are treasures, some are flames, some are darkness, some are rage.

The truth is, all of these qualities are at home together, in a tangle, carefully constructed, much as a snowflake, as each gorgeous creature on this planet that identifies as a woman, is then also a snowflake of a goddess. Unique, never to be repeated, demure or boisterous, tamed or unstoppable. In whatever form she comes in, she is the embodiment of all things.

What is not blatantly obvious is also her secret magic, the layers that reveal themselves through time and trust and the undoing quality of surrender.

No matter her loudness or stillness, her desire, most often, is to find the one who can hold space for the complete undoing of her knots and ties.

She wishes to unleash herself, in whatever form that takes, to find the catharsis of letting go completely.

Relaxing the muscles, releasing her mind, participating in the revolutionary act of melting.

The great letting go.

The release.

The deep swim into the ocean that holds her electricity without so much as a second guess.

If you wish to love a goddess, love the fact that however she presents herself is only a small sliver of the kaleidoscopic creature she truly exists as.

And this is the power of women: mystery. Magic. Creativity, sexuality, grace, strength — the gift of witnessing what it means to be able to create and destroy at the drop of a hat. All of Mother Nature’s storms and sunsets rolled into one being, capable equally of being tempestuous and seductive, disarming and alluring.

If you wish to love a goddess, look beyond her presence in the world and into the way she thinks and loves and dreams — for a timid exterior may also indicate a wildfire that has yet to grow. If you wish to love a goddess, nurture her whims with your strength and structure so she feels safe to be herself, which is the greatest gift you can give.

If you wish to love a goddess, speak to her, and listen. Let her every impulse roll off of her tongue until she greets the truth at the tip. Let the inhale and exhale of the breath of her emotions ride like waves over you — high and low tides — times to expand, times to retreat.

Forget not that you are both human animals.

Love her enough to be gentle. Love her enough to ravish every cell of her being so completely the letters of your name are etched into her energy like constellations.

Traces left by fingertips are no comparison for what you can do with your love.

Fill her. With all things. Your trust, your confidence, your appreciation, your wisdom, your unshakable presence.

Find roots in your being that can grow deep enough that you will not quake when she is called to release rage, or fear, or sadness — she carries the weight of the world in her womb, and the more safe she feels to move this through and out of her body, the more you both will ascend, heal, and transform.

See her as all things. Sweet, fertile, kind mother goddess. Exotic, languid, hypnotizing erotic goddess. Quiet, still, Elysian angel goddess. Dark, destructive, bloodthirsty Kali goddess. Abundant, joyful, creative goddess. Weeping, shedding, transforming rebirth goddess.

If you want to love a goddess, give her space. Allow her freedom.

And within that space, make it known that she is held.

That she can let go.

That she can lay her body down.

That she no longer is alone in the fight for herself.

That she no longer is alone in caring for herself.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

That she can let go.

And then, slowly, or all at once, the layers may fall away and you see — within her, the Universe. Between you, a force-field.

Because of you, an ascension into her true form.

Because of that, the truth that you are a god.

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