Please read this whenever in doubt about yourself and from where you are doing what you do. 

It’s written by Sophie Gregoire, a woman I have never met, but often read her writings and sync with many things she shares.

This is for the Rebelles and those who never could truly fit in what the system expects from us and says that we should do. These lines are for the Wild Ones.

Society makes us believe that something within us isn’t right when we are too different. Are we damaged? Should we be repaired or even cured?

When you decided to break the rules and step out of every comfort zone and possible shelters, people started to ask you questions. When you made the decisions to forget the mainstream guidelines, your be-careful and you-should-think-twice entourage began to worry.

When you declared that big changes were about to happen in your life, but ones you couldn’t disclose yet, your friends, your family and even your enemies started to wonder.

So, you got scared precisely because you were seeing that they couldn’t understand your choices.

But you’re alright. Trust these letters.

They do not worry for you because you’re a mistake or because you’ve taken a wrong path. You aren’t, they aren’t either. People are different, and that is all. You can’t blame them. You can only love, and let go if you really don’t feel aligned.

They worry because they could never jump that far.

They worry for you because you exhale freedom, love, colors, surrender and joy. Because they know that only true warriors shine that bright, they worry for you because they can imagine your — our — fights.

They wonder because they have what you don’t, and because you have what they can’t grasp. They worry for you because they can see all that you’ve taken away from the box of your life, in order to walk in freedom.

They are curious about your journey because you live in your truth. And seeing the truth is scary, it aches, it even screams sometimes. And their own truth could hurt them just as it did damage to you not that long ago.

They worry when they hear about your stories because you’ve managed to find enough strength to walk a life based on your beliefs. What they see in you is the reflection of what they can’t be.

How brave you are! Trust these lines.

Sometimes they could even make you cry, I know. People ask you what you will do and where you will go, so you start wondering whether you are okay at the end of the day, looking unsettling in those blue Yoga pants, holding a pencil with feathers and adventuring life like a kid.

But you shouldn’t wonder, Lady of Lights. No you shouldn’t, Warrior, Seeker, Shaman.

Trust yourself, once and for all. Love your peace and your freedom as much as you fear the words coming from their mouths, as much as it used to hurt when you were living in lies.

Remember. Never forget, once and for all, who you are.

Of course, some nights you doubt yourself. You may wonder if you are smart enough. Yes, Wild One, you are the intelligence of the heart.

Some days it feels like you’re waiting for new songs, new loves or new dawns to warm your skin. A new life perhaps? You’ll have it.

It has been such a long and silent time.

Centuries of prayers, it seems. Trust these words.

You doubt yourself because you’ve made tough decisions to take that path. You quit a job or you split up with a long-term partner, and those steps were incredibly hard. You’ve seen the awful, it almost cost your life.

Perhaps you’ve decided to live abroad because you’re an adventurer. You were longing to discover new cultures, new people and sceneries — the world is so wide, humankind conceals so many distinct mysteries.

Walking the unknown seemed so appealing, but once you were on that road, you saw that there was no way back, and that you could only move forward.

Your life was such an amazing picture. Some days, you’ve died in postcards. How far you’ve walked from home, how lost and cold you felt on those nights!

Maybe you’ve decided to work in office jobs as little as you could and to make as little money as living honestly requires — because typing at a computer and sitting down all day long, all week, all life even, would drain your heart.

Perhaps you’ve even left a love because you needed to grow, to learn, to change and shed layers, and he or she couldn’t travel that path with you.

There are so many people in your life. You’ve met the world, it seems. Yet, it is a lonely road.

Yes, you’ve stepped away from many things to stay true to yourself. You wanted a life that would be your fingerprints, your legacy. You wanted a life that would only be, no more and no less, guided by the voice rising from within.

You’ll have it. Trust these lines.

Yes, others worry because they don’t really understand. In their mind’s eyes, you’re in a strange place, a no man’s land, a train that goes nowhere or a bus for the lost souls perhaps.

But deep down, it’s something else. Their hearts long for your adventures, your freedom, that soft and rebellious vibe that you — and only you — know the secret of.

Deep inside, they envy your secrets. But how do people weave their own lives in that world of yours? You sound like a witch sometimes. You’ve made white magic with what being human can be.

Have you cast spells on life to always find some solid ground under your feet? How have you even dealt with fears?

How could you believe and trust in the unknown beauties that much? How could hope take you that far? Were you led by mysteries?

You’re a priestess or a shaman, you come from the unseen. You soar from where it seems almost impossible to live.

That’s why, Wild One, you need not worry anymore. You can speak your truth and live a life that brings joy to your being, even if this makes you become truly different from those people, and even from who you used to be.

No more anxious breaths, no more hidden steps, Wild One.

You’re on the way to yourself, and we can all see that. You’re walking towards your own unique beauty, your authentic golden self, and that gold knows no price.

You — we — have chosen the winding roads of the seekers. You’ve said No so many times to all the things that didn’t feel aligned with your heart.

You’ve decided that your happiness mattered more than any title or status. Your joy was more important than any outfit, you deserved more than what seemed sparkling but lacked flavor at heart.

Yes, you’re scary. You’re even incredible, see what you’ve achieved.

I’m with you, Lady of Lights.

When every soul’s lie is removed, you shall see clearly. When nothing at all is left but your core and who you truly are, how golden, how serene, rousing and strong will be the anthem of your heart!

Yes, they worry, but you are fine. Trust these words.

Always remember that the ones who tell you that you need to settle or know are the ones who have settled, they are the ones who think that they know.

But you don’t have to.

Just keep walking your way. You’ll know when you need to stop, when things are right, or when you lie in those arms that were meant for your skin.

You’ll know and you’ll settle when the time comes — wherever and with whomever life sounds true.

Remember your strength, and how far you’ve come. They thought that you would fail, but life never abandons such brave hearts.

Wild One, worry no more, doubt yourself never again. Keep breaking the rules that aren’t yours, by the strength of your smile.

That smile says so much, but it doesn’t need any words. It recalls so many sunrises, and so many nights that it died. It has already lived a thousand lives.

That smile of yours is wisdom, that smile is light.

source: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2016/10/11/sophiegregoire-wild-ones/



Old Soul Identification

I’ve been told by people that I’m an old soul, and it seemed to make sense. Reading this paragraph on old souls puts it into words so well. So I decided to share it. Maybe you can relate too, or suddenly you can understand someone close to you.


An old soul is essentially someone who is young, but prefers to be around older people, and has a more mature outlook on life than most people their age. Old souls tend to spend a lot of their time alone, and a lot of people seem to misunderstand them. Contrary to what people think, old souls aren’t lonely, they are just comfortable with themselves and enjoy their own company. When it comes to love and being in relationships, they also express their love differently, and here, we show you how.

1. Homebody. Old souls are homebodies, which means they are always looking for the person that will be willing to stay in with them on a Friday night, perhaps reading poetry over candle light with a bottle of wine.

2. Materialists. Old souls aren’t impressed by materialistic things, so if you’re hoping for that new set of diamond earrings, keep wishing. An old soul will likely choose to write you a love letter over buying you jewelry.

3. Communication. Old souls are great communicators, and will tell you what they are feeling. They don’t play games, especially when it comes to relationships. Don’t be taken aback by their honesty however, because they do mean well at the end of the day.

4. Emotions. Old souls aren’t capable of having one night stands because they get emotionally invested in whoever they are dating. They feel things on a deeper level than most people do, and don’t open up to just anyone.

5. Settling. Old souls think about life in the grand scheme of things. For example, an old soul won’t settle down with you unless they think there is some future potential in the relationship. They don’t do things for no reason.

6. Shy. Most old souls have a hard time fitting in with other people because they don’t seem to have a lot in common with others. An old soul might seem standoffish at first, but they’re really just shy. So don’t assume that because they aren’t saying much, they don’t like you.

7. Understanding. They value your opinion, and are good listeners. They are very understanding, and are good at seeing things from different perspectives. So if you find yourself in an argument with an old soul, they will try to come up with a solution for your problem rather than argue with you about it for hours on end.

8. Dating. They tend to go for people that are older than they are. The hardest part about dating for an old soul is finding someone their age that understands them, which is why they end up going after people who are older than they are.

9. Relaxing. Old souls might have a hard time loosening up, so it might take some prying to get them to relax. They have a tendency to take things too seriously at times, so try to have some patience with them when they seem on edge.

10. Sensitive. Old souls are extremely sensitive, so watch what you say around them. While they will always be honest with you about their feelings, they also expect the same from you, and if they find out you aren’t being completely honest with them, they might feel betrayed.

11. Creative. Old souls are creative and will put a lot of thought in
to a date night with you. Rather than your usual dinner and a movie, an old soul will make sure you have a memorable date night experience with them and will take things to the next level.

12. Intuition. Old souls are really in tune with their intuitions, and can tell right away when something is wrong. Don’t try to hide your real feelings from them, because there is no use in doing so.

13. Realists. They can come off as pessimistic at times, but in fact, they are just realists. They are constantly feeling disappointed by humanity, so sometimes they need their partner to help remind them that things aren’t always so bad.

14. Independence. While old souls love spending time at home with their significant others, they also value their alone time, so don’t feel offended if your partner requests some time apart.

15. Worth it. At the end of the day, dating old souls can come with some difficulties, but it’s worth it because they will be extremely loving, loyal, and understanding of your needs.~~


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