Tell him…

I read this text  in Spanish on Facebook the other day, and I would like to translate it as I think it is not just a message for the men in our lives, but also one we as women should take the time to remind ourselves. Originally read on: To your lover, to your friend, … Continue reading Tell him…


Empath(y) Exploration

This is interesting. In many aspects I can relate and maybe more people out there have the same. Again, just sharing what I think is interesting and valuable. Loving & Understanding an Empath Empath’s are unique personality types, their sensory levels are always on high alert, they are incredibly intuitive and their awareness and sensitivity … Continue reading Empath(y) Exploration

Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

We essentially are made and born from our mother and father coming together. So not only do our parents obviously influence who we become during our lives with (and without) them, but I think that on a cellular, (un)consciousness level we are made up of a combination of them. So what I'm starting to wonder … Continue reading Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

Fast & Delicious Pumpkin Soup

Today I made this soup and I think it's worth sharing.   It's a very basic and fast, but delicious soup, covered with marinated kale. Also very fast and easy to do. But Oh My! also sooooo healthy! Pumpkin is the perfect soothing veggie for a cold winter day. Whereas the kale serves as your … Continue reading Fast & Delicious Pumpkin Soup