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8Petals Yoga Shala welcomes students of all levels.

We offer the following:

  • Private and Group Classes
  • Workshops and In Depth Seminars

Our goal is to guide and support you in building a sustainable practice that honours your individuality, creativity and independance.

The classes include Asana (physical postures) and the other limbs of Yoga such as breathing techniques, sound and meditation.

Our methods are based on traditional teachings where each student is guided according to their individual needs. 

We speak English, Dutch, Spanish and French.




Meet Claire-Marie Landré

Founder of 8Petals Yoga

I am Claire, and my Yoga School 8Petals Yoga Shala offers Private and Group Yoga classes. My goal is to guide and support you in building a sustainable yoga practice that honours your individuality, creativity and independence.

Let’s take your yoga practice beyond the physical asana and explore the other limbs of Yoga, such as Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana.
I teach in English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

I’m extremely grateful for having had Claire as a mentor and teacher while I lived in Amsterdam.

In general, it may not be immediate the connection with the environment and the teacher when entering a shala for the first time: but at Claire’s shala I felt completely serene, comfortable and safe – and I’m sure this is a common sense to anyone who’s ever had the chance to practice there.

Claire is highly knowledgeable and likewise humble, kind and supportive. It also becomes evident how she look after each student with the utmost care and attention.

I have an injured knee and thanks to her I learned to modificate some asanas in a way that made me feel safe and motivated to carry on the practice. Moreover, each class starts with a pranayana+meditation session that is not only a plus but also a much-needed addition to any ashtangi’s practice. I wish I could bring Claire to Italy with me!


8Petals Yoga Classes

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Private Yoga Classes

Private Classes are perfect if you are new to Yoga and good for individuals who need more specific guidance due to injury, health issues or any other personal situation that needs special attention.

Group Yoga Classes

Join a group of a maximum of 10 practitioners  in a Self Practice setting to explore this wonderful yoga science where we let movement, breath and sound carry us through our inner landscapes.  



During a workshop we can take our time to look at a specific theme within the array of Yoga topics. 
The workshops are designed to complement your regular Yoga practice and provide tools to help you find balance and harmony in your life

In Depth Yoga Course

This is an In-Depth Course to learn more about the theory, philosophy and practice of Yoga and yourSelf.
It is structured to fit into your lifestyle and schedule and will complement your regular Yoga classes. 

Why Choose 8Petals Yoga?

8Petals Yoga classes are open to ALL LEVELS

There are different levels of practice within different techniques of practice.
For example, you could be advanced in your physical practice but a beginner in meditation. On the other hand, you could be advanced in your meditation practice but need to start a physical practice to maintain your body.
Therefore, I welcome all levels of practitioners to my classes. In a mixed-level group, there is space to learn from and inspire each other at the same time.

why practice yoga?

Benefits of Traditional Yoga

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Strength and Flexibility

Improves your strength, balance and flexibility.

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Relieves Stress

Helps with stress relief

Quality of Life

Improves quality of life

Better Self-Care

Promotes better self-care

Mental Health

Improves mental health

Better Posture

Promotes better posture and body awareness

8Petals Yoga founder and teacher

More about Claire-Marie

Claire-Marie Landre

Claire-Marie Landre

Yoga Teacher

I have been exploring yoga, nutrition and a holistic lifestyle for about 20 years and continue to do so.

My time and energy have mainly focused on studying and practising Yoga over the last 20 years.
However, my curiosity to understand myself and my environment has allowed me also to study Industrial Design Engineering (MSc), Ayurveda, and Nutrition, and I am currently studying Herbalism.

8Petals Yoga Testimonials

What People Are Saying

I’m practising for some years with Claire and I can honestly say that I love it. We practice with a very dedicated group, with a lot of personal attention and focus on not only the Mysore Asthaga practice, but also on all eight limbs of yoga. Claire is an amazing teacher, and a genuine person Ans had a lot of knowledge about yoga, the asanas and the philosophy behind the practice.

Looking forward to welcome you!


When I started Mysore practice a few years ago, it was all about having the discipline and patience to not give up and continue practice even if it sometimes looked impossible. Claire was able to  bring harmony and depth to my practice and presented me a whole new world about connection, understanding,  breathing, humility and focus. She helped me discover, step by step, what it is all about, enriching my practice and life at the same time. She has the patience to let you open up at your own pace, without pushing, giving you the right amount of corrections, looking at the physical and explaining the deeper layers, bringing something new every time. I’m grateful to have Claire in my life as a guide and be able to share this journey with her and my fellow yoga mates.


“Eind augustus ben ik begonnen met Ashtanga Yoga van Claire. En sindsdien ben ik totaal aangehaakt. En dat heeft grotendeels met Claire te maken. Als beginner van Ashtanga Yoga was ik diep onder de indruk van alle poses die mijn medecursisten maakten. Claire nodigde me uit om aan het werk te gaan. Ze hielp me bij mijn eigen les te blijven in plaats van me te vergelijken met de andere aanwezigen. En zo startte ik mijn eigen ontwikkelingsweg. Ashtanga Yoga is ongelooflijk rijk. Doordat je telkens dezelfde volgorde van poses doet, neem je je eigen zijn in de loop van de tijd veel beter waar. Deze vorm van yoga verrast je.

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Dat je na een aantal bijeenkomsten opeens verder of dieper komt. Of dat je opmerkt dat je mind rustig is. Dat geeft zo’n vreugdevol gevoel. Je hebt echt het gevoel dat je groeit. Niet alleen van de buitenkant (in de mate waarin je de poses beheerst) maar juist ook aan de binnenkant groei je: hoe je steeds sterker wordt in focus, in je aandacht verleggen, je adem goed leren te gebruiken. En Claire maakt hierin wel écht het grote verschil. Ze ondersteunt je heel krachtig en duidelijk. Ze doet dat heel subtiel. Dát maakt het zo bijzonder. Je voelt je volledig aangemoedigd in je eigen groei. Ze vraagt op zo’n zachte wijze je hoofd net even meer te

liften, je knie iets verder te draaien, je ademhaling meer vanuit je rug te halen. En die minimale aanwijzingen maken zo’n groot verschil. Ik heb nooit het gevoel gekregen het fout te doen, of niet goed genoeg te zijn. In al haar handelen spreekt een grote mate van professionaliteit. Ze weet het echt, ze kan het echt, ze ís het echt.

We starten altijd met een meditatie van een half uur. Deze begeleidt Claire ook op een manier die zó uitnodigt om in te stappen. Het is een zalige start van de ashtanga yoga.

Mijn wekker staat om 06.05 uur. Met de Ashtanga Yoga van Claire in het vooruitzicht, spring ik letterlijk uit bed.



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